Monday, February 8, 2010

The Warm Welcome

There is nothing that says hospitality like a warm welcome.  Such as warm weather.  Hugs from a friends family.  Drinking sangria in the backseat of the car while tearing down the streets of Lima at 2 am.  Practicing Spanish and drinking Inca Kola while driving to the beach.  Getting to the beach (Porto Fiel....beautiful) by 4am and then celebrating on the patio until the sun comes up.

The beach house, like all good retreats, does not have wifi, so I could just enjoy and disconnect for a while.  Our hotel in Cusco, has an old computer with free internet (but no USB port to upload pictures) so all pictures will have to wait until I return to Denver.

A co-worker on Thursday asked if I would come back.  Like all good trips, I love them while I´m here and I`ll enjoy the memories when I get home.

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