Monday, February 15, 2010

Daybook (life is good)

(from the simple woman's daybook)

Outside my's cold.  If I would have answered this on Saturday, it would have been the amazing sunset in Peru!

I am hearing...the Winter Olympics.  It's the one time where I'll have the tv on more often than not.

I have...a suntan!  I am the envy of my co-workers.

Pondering these words..."I'll shout it from the mountain top.  I want my world to know...." 

I am thankful for...winning Manager of the Year.  It's a great honor to know that your hard work is appreciated at that level.  The free vacation doesn't hurt either!

One year ago today...I was in  Thailand, so conveniently I have my travel journal to remind me.  "We slept in, went to the beach and had breakfast...just sad to leave beautiful Ko Lanta...Mama T made us cashew chicken.  I also took a 30 minute bike ride, vraving the bike / moped lane on the streets of Trang.  I got many honks, hellos and waves by kids and teenagers.  I'm sure a farang on a bike is a bit of a novelty."

I am reading...Forbidden Falls by Robyn Carr.

One of my favorite!

I am have to do my Spanish homework tomorrow.

Around the house...the Chey beast is exhausted after a week of playing with friends.

I am thinking...that I have no groceries and wondering how long until I cave and go to King Soopers.

A few plans for the rest of my, class, dinner with friends and Olympics.

Photos for you from Cusco

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