Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eating Your Way Through the Weihnachtsmarkt

I'm not going to lie.  My favorite part of almost any vacation is the food, and the Christmas Markets in Germany were no exception.   To help you eat your way through the Markt here are the common items.

Reibekuchen - potato pancakes.  Delicous with Apfelmuss (applesauce).
Lebkuchen - gingerbread.  Everywhere and in every shape.  Often in hearts on string decorated with phrases like "Ich liebe dich" or "Frohes Fest."
Gebrannte Mandeln - sugared almonds.  And many other sugared nuts.  My favorite were the amaretto gebrannte mandeln.
Brezels - pretzels.  Large, soft with a variety of toppings.
Wursts - large sausages.  Usually a long brat served with a roll and mustard.   Curry wurst is usually sliced in small pieces and served with sauce. 
Flammkuchen - flatbread pizza (of a sort).  I had it with cheese and potatoes.  Yum!
Crepes, Waffles, Poffertjes - cooked/fried dough in different forms with powdered sugar, nutella and more.
Glühwein - hot mulled wine.  You will almost always pay a "pfand" (deposit) which you get back if you return your mug.  Odds are you'll keep some mugs as souvenirs as they a personalized for each market.  You can get your wine with a float of amaretto, grand marnier and other liqours if you like.  Even when the shops close down, the wine stalls stay open longer.
Eierpunsch - hot "egg" punch.  It's an egg liquor with wine, spices and whipped cream (sahne).
Kinderpunsch - hot spiced apple juice.  For those who don't drink alcohol....or for kids.

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