Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yesterday we went to Köln to see their world famous Dom (even Rick Steve's says it's "Germany's most exciting church").  The Dom's claim to fame?  Köln acquired the bones of the Three Kings in the 12th century, which justified the building of a massive else would you hold all the pilgrim's who came to visit?  And in anticipation of the city being bombed during WWII all the stained glass windows and art were taken from the church and stored in a safe place, so the church remains beautiful today.   Of course, if there is a turm (tower) to be climbed, I'm there, so Chantal, Brian and I paid our 2.5 Euros to climb up 500+ stairs.    This in turn justifies the consumption of brezels, Glühwein, Eierpunsch, and mandeln afterwards...

View of the Christmas Market from the Turm

View of Köln from the top of the Dom

Maha and Chantal enjoy meat on a stick!


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