Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas Sausage

Every family has their culinary traditions when it comes to the holidays, whether is special cookies, Grandma's famous eggnog (with bourbon, ice cream and whipped cream), or a certain ham.  Somehow in our family, the Lebanon Sausage, has reached that status.   You can in fact order these Pennsylvania sausages year round, but since we get together at Christmas, that is the appropriate time to share the sausage.

Last night, as my family was packing up their gifts and preparing to depart for Illinois via Amtrak (already 3+ hours delayed coming in to Denver), my sister was slicing the remaining Lebanon Sausage into 4 equalish portions to take home. 

My sister spent her time coming and going on the train composing Amtrak songs.....

"Amtrak, baby, Amtrak! I'm headin' down the Cali Zepher railway...lookin' for a CO getaway...headin' for the snow hideaway. Got me a coach seat, it seats about one of me, now hurry up and lean that seat back into me! Amtrak, baby, Amtrak!"

"*finally* leaving on a late train, next time I WILL be on a plane, but still- I hate to Amtrak, please make up some time, even if you have to cut in line, get me to Chi so I can make my trip back home...If I'm sleeping in Union Station, because I've missed my connection, I promise you everyone will know..."

"I've been riding on the railroad all the live long day- I've been riding with sickos, babies, and those who didn't pay. Can you imagine the excitement, running through my car- if the conductor announced that there would be an open bar?"

Perhaps she can extend her creativity in composing a song about the Christmas least it won't make you cry the way the "Christmas Shoes" song will.

Success!  She had TONS of free time on her endlessly delayed train for this:
"Oh Lebanon, Oh Lebanon-How tasty is your sweet meat. Oh Lebanon, Oh Lebanon- You are my fav holiday treat. On crackers, cheese or eggs-the pleasure goes right to my head. Oh Lebanon, Oh Lebanon- you make my Christmas special."

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