Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lost and Found in a Mexican Town

After 2 plus hours in the hot sun, the drive from Chiapa de Corzo up the mountain to San Cristobal was a real treat. Primarily because the temperature went down dramatically. And because I got corn on the cob with lime, salt and chile en route. San Cristobal was the only place we went on this trip that must be on the backpacker circuit as there were many more gringo tourists. The city is full of cobblestone streets and colorful buildings. There was entertainment at the Cathedral square and a giant handicrafts market at Santo Domingo. We had lunch/dinner at Il Piccolo, an Italian restaurant. The owner spends half his year in Mexico and the other half in Italy. Needless to say, the pizza was delicious. For dessert I had a chocolate salami. Made of chocolate and hazelnuts and cut into slices, like its namesake sausage.

After shopping in the handicraft market, we went across the street and found a shop that actually had one Chiapas Jaguars soccer jersey. That's when we lost Jon. We spent the next while doing reconnaissance all over San Cristobal, the craft market, the cathedral square, the coffee shop and back at the car. He was found by the car, chillin' with a beer. You should have heard Elspeth screaming "Jon" in the market....

We wrapped up our trip with traditional Mexican hot chocolate at La Selva. We got in the group hug, if not the Kumbaya. All agreed it was a short and meaningful trip and we'd do it again!

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