Monday, June 22, 2009

Road Tripping

I took a road trip this weekend with a friend to go to a wedding in South Dakota. I had forgotten how much I enjoy road trips (which are different from get in a plane trips). You have the chance to stop at any roadside attraction (Chugwater Chili Coookoff anyone?) that catches your eye. You play the license plate game. You get wired on caffeine. It's been years since I've been in Wyoming and SD and I remembered how beautiful it is. I now want to plan a weekend trip back to Yellowstone (one of the happiest places on earth). some more new things taken care of.

#32 I rode my bike to work for the first time last week. This was a practice run in preparation for Bike to Work Day this week. 15 miles each way, it's great exercise and is almost all on bike paths.

#33 Tried the "World Famous" cinnamon rolls at Johnson's Corner (on I-25). I've had better.

#34 Met someone who unicycles.

#35 Dining in Custer, SD including Pizza Works and The Purple Pie Place. It's the most purple building I've ever seen and serves pie and ice cream. Yum!

#36 Attending a wedding in South Dakota, including the following new things: attending my first outdoor wedding, in a camp ground, where Frisbees were the party favor, ladder golf was played, the brother was one of the bride's attendants, the bride and groom took pictures jumping at the bounce house, and the bouquet was given to the couple married the longest. It was beautiful and great fun. Congrats to the Fultons!

#37 Seeing the face of Crazy Horse. The last time I was at the Crazy Horse Memorial was in the early 90s and even though it had been in progress for almost 50 years, not much was defined. The face was revealed in 2008. Now they are working on the horse. This project is not funded by federal or state funds, so you need to go yourself and help them out!

#38 Learning what the 4 presidents on Mt. Rushmore stand for. I feel this piece of US History passed me by, but fortunately there are park rangers to help me with this. George Washington: Birth of the Nation. Thomas Jefferson: Expansion of the Nation. Abraham Lincoln: Preservation of the Nation. Teddy Roosevelt: Development of the Nation.

#39 Tried Pepsi Throwback. Made with 100% natural sugar. I deserve it!

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  1. I think seeing a town with a population of 1 should count...I wish we had stopped to take a picture of that sign. :)



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