Monday, June 15, 2009

Adventures Up North

In typical style, I took a short trip over the weekend. This time I flew to Wisconsin to celebrate Dad's retirement. Although Wisconsin in and of itself is not new, the following items can be added to my list in the past week:

#23 Eating Elk. I have tried all kinds of game and exotic creatures (springbok, kangaroo, crocodile, warthog, maphone worm), but had my first elk burger on Wednesday.

#24 Seeing a stage performance of Rent. Awesome.

#25 Having cheesecurds within 2 hours of landing in Wisconsin

#26 Trying a local Sturgeon Bay coffeehouse: DC Brews home of the Lug Nut Latte (hazelnut and peanut butter) as well as a ridiculous chocolate frosted cinnamon roll.

#27 Celebrating the retirement of a family member. Hard to believe dad worked for 35 years and now is, in theory, at leisure.

#28 Hearing someone give a speech in honor of my Dad

#29 Participating in any activity in a Yacht Club. We have no yacht (no boat at all) but celebrated at the club. And the youngest 4 attendees at this illustrious gathering closed down the 9:45pm.

#30 Teaching my nephew to play bocce ball. He likes to throw things. It was a good time.

#31 Had my first Culver's Butterburger.

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