Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Lonliest Number

I was reminded that I forgot another novelty on our trip to South Dakota last weekend. I've been to some small towns, and I think the record low on a population sign was 5.

On our way home last Sunday we saw a sign (a green town sign, paid for by the taxpayers) for a population of 1. I think the place was called Lost Spring and I'm not sure if it was in western SD or eastern WY. In any case, it should be classified as new thing #40.

#41 Participating in Denver's Bike to Work Day yesterday. This is an official event with breakfast stations, media coverage, raffle prizes, etc. I even got a free pair of socks at the 9News station. I'm hoping if I get my act together (planning ahead and all) I can bike to work one day a week this summer. Gives my car a rest, burns calories and provides plenty of fresh air!

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