Friday, March 6, 2009

Which Wat?

Wat is the Thai word for temple. And in Thailand there are a lot of temples. In Chiang Mai, there are over 300 wats. We went to about 5 of them last Saturday. These pictures are from Wat Prah Singh. One of my favorite things at this wat complex, in addition to the man selling dragons made from rope, was this garden of trees that all had proverbs on them. I really enjoyed Chiang Mai. I stayed at a great guest house call The 3 Sis that was within walking or taxi distance of everything. We visited the heavily touristed Wat Doi Suthep and Doi Pui, a Hmong village (where I shopped like a savage).

I took a day-long cooking class at The Thai Farm Cooking School and hope to make fabulous mango sticky rice sometime soon.

We also enjoyed the famous Sunday Night street market. You can meet the artists who make some of the crafts, buy any necessary "I Love Chiang Mai" t-shirts or Trang magnets, eat random pastries, avoid mysterious black vegetable gelatin, and let birds go from a cage for good luck.

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