Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stinky Cheese and more

I read an article about the top 11 foods people either love or hate....and I agree that for many of these most people go one way or the other. I used to classify a lot of "unfriendly vegetables," but I like to think I'm more open minded now. Here's what I think about the 11 items on the list. How about you?

White Chocolate- not as good as dark chocolate, sorry
Cilantro- yes, it's the herb of choice for Mexican food
Eggplant- I don't seek it out
Coconut- yes, all the time in any form...even in Thai ice cream with corn
Tomato- I don't like fresh tomato, but souped, sauced or sun-dried, I'm in
Anchovies- in Caesar dressing, sure, pizza-not so much
Black Licorice- ick!
Stinky Cheese- Asiago, which my sister calls "stinky foot cheese" is one my faves
Bell Peppers- I'll push them to the side of my plate, but it won't ruin my entree
Mayo- on a sandwich, or in Europe on fries
Beets-ummm, no

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