Saturday, January 3, 2009

Plight of the Big Footed

Thanks to the Internet, Payless and Nordstrom, having big feet isn't as "big" of a problem as it was when I was young....

In a training class earlier this year we were asked to describe the first time that you felt left out, how old you were and how you felt. One story that comes to mind is sometime in 4th or 5th grade when you could get these special black and white Keds that you could color in. All my friends had them. And I didn't. Why? They didn't come in size 10.

Even now I avoid most mainline shoe stores, because finding attractive shoes in size 12 requires patiently scrutinizing each and every row of the women's section, searching for the special sticker for large size shoes. My time is worth more than that, plus the one pair you inevitably find is a pair of cream colored hush puppies. At least at Nordstrom, you get service for the price of your shoes. You sit in a comfy leather chair and the sales rep will bring you all the shoes they have in stock and offer to order the ones they don't.

A month from today I leave for Thailand. In the participant manual, it says the following "You will need a pair of sandals with a strap around the heel (not flip flops). You can purchase these in Thailand; however, if your foot is larger than a 7 1/2 you will need to bring your own."

Obviously that was for my benefit.

My sister visited South Korea last year, and said that there was not a single pair of shoes in the country her size. Somehow I know I'm in the same boat.


  1. Our problem with sizes in Switzerland are the bed sheets. There are none to fit a queen size bed so we just bought two more sets while we were home.

  2. Hmm. I've felt that way and I never did grow out of the 10s. In fact, I think there's been some "size inflation" recently, because I can now sometimes wear a 9 1/2 or even a 9W. Weird stuff. What's in Thailand? Sounds cool, whatever it is. My uncle spent 2 years there as a missionary, but that was a very long time ago...



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