Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is Cutting Coffee the Solution?

As people start the new year, and in a tightened economy, there are a lot of articles of how to save money and budget. I've noticed that the cornerstone to many articles is cutting out coffee. You owe money on credit cards? Stop the Starbucks! Saving money for your wedding? Ditch the Dazbog! Kids in College? No Caribou for you!

Obviously the American population spends much more on coffee than I do. If I cut out my coffee "habit" it might leave me with enough money to buy a bag of dog food. Apparently a lot of people are spending $4-8/day on lattes.

So what else to the experts suggest? Bring your lunch rather than going out. Check. I get my meals for free. Take public transportation rather than paying for gas or parking. Check. I ride the light rail.

I'll have to spend more time analyzing what small habits that I have that add up. In reality, my travel habit is probably the one that should be trimmed...I'll contemplate that one after I come back from my next vacation.

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