Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ohai Trail, It's Good to See You!

This past weekend was beautiful!   

Yesterday, I went up the coast on the west side a little bit taking the windy coastal road to the Ohai Trail at mile marker 40.   The Ohai Trail is a quick one, no jumping off waterfalls or climbing rocks.    It's a 1.2 mile loop, nothing crazy.   

It starts like this.  

Loops, being what they are, you can go either way and still make it back out.   I've never really thought about which direction to take when faced with a pressing decision like this one.   I know I've never hiked one each way to see which way was better.   

In the past, I would just pick a direction and get on with it.   No second thoughts.  
But what if I was wrong?   

The authors of Maui Revealed said that going right would make all the difference.   Going right turns this trail from remarkably dull to infinitely better.    

So yesterday, I took an infinitely better hike. 
Along the freakin' coast of Maui. 

This view!

On the way back, I pulled off and walked through the forest to see Honolua Bay.   
And saw this guy.....

Not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon.

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