Sunday, April 20, 2014

Aloha Easter Update

Happy Easter!

Celebrating Easter in Greece - 2011
You can't go wrong with fireworks!

I've seen some fun Southwest flight attendants, but the ones that go viral are pretty sweet.  
Like this one.

Students lip syncing has gotten much fancier since I was a student singing Bon Jovi in the YMCA gym. In fact, they don't even call it lip's now "lip dub."

How much do you want to be right?   (or would you rather be done?)

Celebrites and their younger selves.   You know this happens every Thursday with people you know on Facebook and Instagram when the #tbt #throwbackthursday hits.   For the record:  I was extremely awkward in 1999.

I think that mobile check deposit is the second most magical finance thing ever - second only to online bill pay.   In Hawaii, the banks common on the mainland (B of A, Wells Fargo, US Bank, etc) are not present.   With online bill pay (magical thing #1), my finances continued on as normal, not knowing they were now on an island in the Pacific.   They didn't see my tan or lack of shoes.    I hardly ever receive paper checks, but with the sale of my house, I'm receiving checks in the mail (escrow for property taxes, overpayment on home owners insurance, HOA's raining money!).   I can just take a picture of it, press send and magically it soars through space and goes into my account to be used for practical things like sushi and mai tais.  

With the difference in time zones, as I read my friends status updates, they are done churching and lunching for Easter and I'm still in the slowly waking up and caffeinating stage.   My favorite contemporary Easter song is Christ is Risen by Matt Maher.

Since Easter is the happiest most joyful day in the Christian calendar, I was intrigued to learn about #100happydays .    The challenge is to take a picture every day  for 100 days of what makes you happy.   It's not a contest.   It's not a chance to outdo others.    You can be publicly accountable by sharing on social media, but if you want to keep your participation private but still be accountable, you can just email the pictures.      71% of people don't finish and many say lack of time is the reason.   Could you do it?   Could I do it?

And with you go to enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Mahalo for visiting!

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