Saturday, May 3, 2014

Today We Celebrate Onions

Today was the 25th Annual Maui Onion Festival.    
A whole festival about onions, right along the beach in Kaanapali. 

Oniony treats abounded.    
Kalua pork tacos with pickled Maui onions.

Pansit with Maui onions.   
(What is pansit?   I didn't know before I moved here.   It's the term for noodles in Filipino cuisine)

What goes with oniony food?   Oniony drinks.    Three bartenders competed in the onion cocktail challenge. Check out this fruit and vegetable buffet that can go in your drink!

Onions and alcohol?   Why not?

Onions and rum, among other things
What followed onion entrees and onion cocktails?   If you're thinking onion desserts, you're wrong.
Instead it was an opportunity for the future leaders of tomorrow to try and eat as many raw onions as they could in one minute.   Even better, there was an onion lei for the winner.   I saw her a couple hours later and she was still wearing it!  

Don't they look excited to eat onions?
Food Festivals.   Yes.

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