Monday, April 1, 2013

Who Cares About the Early Bird? 5 O'Clock Should Only Come Once per Day

I strongly feel that I should only see the sunrise if I'm leaving for the airport early in the morning.
Airport = Fun & Adventure
So in that particular circumstance Sunrise = OK
Don't get me wrong, sunrises can be beautiful.  
It's just that they are so early.
In the morning.
When I should be in bed. 
It's a popular belief (on one side of our family, at least) that 5 o'clock should only come once a day. 
That same 5 o'clock that's referenced in the Alan Jackson / Jimmy Buffet song
It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere."    You know, "pour me a hurricane, before I go insane."   
Sunrise is way too early for a hurricane.    Talk about insane. 
Every once in a while, something beautiful happens early in the morning.
Like this sunrise over Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.

Why are early mornings on the brain?
At work we just started a partnership with a local athletic club.   It's so close, that you can see it from the employee enterance.   It's only a half block away.    In fact, nothing stands between us and the gym but a hot dog cart. 
And the hot dog cart is not there at the pre-crack of dawn.    And if it's not there, I surely shouldn't be there.   
Early morning fitness is a hot topic of conversation.    The club has a full slate of 6 o'clock classes.
In the morning.  
It seems really early.    Yes, you get it done before work.   Yes, you can commute in your pajamas.   Yes, they provide towels, hair dryers and flat irons.
Fitness, to me, is an afternoon or early evening endeavor.  
Except skiing.    I am, in fact, willing to get out of bed to go skiing.
But if it's not skiing, I really feel that noon is about as early as it should get.  
Today, I took a big step.  (ooooh)  I took a lunchtime Zumba class.   45 minutes.   I was done with my fitness before 12:30.    I could hop on the train, guilt free, after work, in time to buy some Easter candy at 50% off, return a disappointing movie to the redbox and still be home before The Voice.  
It's not sunrise fitness or an early morning spin class.    But I survived.    In fact, I may do it again.  
Perhaps on Wednesday.
What do you think?
What's the best time of day for fitness?
What's your reason for being up at the pre-crack of dawn?
Getting there is half the fun....join in!


  1. As hard as it is to get up early at the end of a long work day I am glad when I have done my exercise before work. Lately I have been getting up earlier because Danny is leaving crazy early for his IronMan workouts. Yet another reason I have strong feelings about the IronMan. :)

    What was the disappointing movie? I will want to avoid it.

  2. The disappointment was Playing for Keeps. Gerard's accent was sexy, but the plot was not. 45 minutes in and we gave up.



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