Friday, April 12, 2013

I Like It Here

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Today the word is here.

Colorado is Here

I landed here due to a promotion.   Seven and a half years, I'm still here.   I ponder transferring to other cities and states.  Maybe the Caribbean.   Would it be as good as here?   Would the people be as nice?   Would the weather be as good?   Would there be a lack of creepy crawly bugs (and, sadly, lightening bugs)? 

Would world class skiing be as close?   What about independent restaurants, coffee shops and ice cream parlors.   Here, we have Sweet Action, Bonnie Brae and Little Man.    What would they have there?

Now, there might have palm trees.   Or a big body of water.   Or a shorter flight time to visit my parent.   There might have an even bigger food truck scene.  Or giant redwoods.   Or armadillos.  

When do you make the decision that here is where you are meant to be?   Or is it always in flux?

Today here has great co-workers, blue skies, a good workout and a glass of wine.  

And today, that's all I need. 


  1. I am visiting from five minute friday, I really enjoyed your blog post . I love how you are content with where you are right now in your life. Too many dont want to be here they want to be there!

  2. You have such a fascinating life! I love to travel but "here' is where I stay nowadays. I, too, am always thinking of the next place, the next stage. When really here is where I need to concentrate.

  3. @Jade - Thank you for visiting from FMF. I'm very happy where I'm makes me wonder if I should just enjoy it and be or if I should be looking for the next thing.

    @Brenda - I too love travel I enjoy having Denver as my home. I don't get homesick when I'm away, but I always enjoy the familiarity of "here" when I get back.



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