Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When, exactly, am I going to Seattle?

For the past month my friend and I have been planning a long weekend trip to Seattle.   
We agreed on a weekend.  
We booked the hotel room.  
We got the time off work.   
She buys her outbound ticket.
Yesterday I bought my ticket.    I send her a victorious text that I too will be on my way to vacation land.    We both are still scouting for a good return fare, but still, we're on our way!
Today at work I look at my wall calendar.    My mini-vacation to Seattle is proudly written in dry erase on a particular date.
I look through my email.   The hotel confirmation is for a particular date.
The same date that is on my calendar.   2 for 2.   Sweet.
Did I mention I bought my ticket yesterday?
It was not for the same weekend.  
I panicked for a minute.  I felt like a total idiot who had never booked a flight or planned a vacation before.   I share my shame with my co-workers.    I bounce up and down in frustration at my own carelessness. 
And then I breathe a sigh of relief.    I booked on Southwest.   They don't charge any change fees.    I simply clicked on change reservation, changed the date and clicked submit.  Same time.   Same price.  
I am, in fact, going to Seattle next month.   I'm going with my friend. 
And we're going at the same time. 
When was your last travel snafu?

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