Saturday, March 2, 2013

Introducing: Hoping Liberia

Go into the world and do well.
But more importantly,
go into the world and do good. 
-Minor Myers-
I'm excited for everyone, even people I don't know, who are going out into the world to do something new, different, and challenging.    Going out into the world can mean going thousands of miles away.   Going out into the world might be in your own community.   I like to read articles, blogs and posts by people who are serving the greater good.    
I'm thrilled to introduce you to Hoping Liberia.   One of my best friends from college and her family are in the process of becoming missionaries.     Through them, I learning about long term mission work.   My experience has been limited to short-term mission and volunteer trips.   This is an entirely different animal. 
Once their funding is secured they will be off to Liberia for four years.  During this time they will serve at Ricks Institute, a K-12 school, in the roles of English teacher and maintenance supervisor.   They had a chance to go to Ricks over Thanksgiving to see, in person, their call and to meet the people they will be serving.   As I've been following their journey, I've been amazed at the people and organizations that they've been introduced to that have ties to Liberia.  This doesn't happen by chance.  It's all a part of God's plan.
Where in the World is Liberia?
It's on the "West Coast"...of Africa
Map Credit: Lonely Planet
How can you learn more about Hoping Liberia?
Do you have friends and family who are out in the world doing good? 
Are you out in the world doing good?  
Leave the link to your / their blog or FB page in the comments so we can provide encouragement!

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