Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cozumel and Election Day

(at the time this posts, I should be sleeping the sleep of the relaxed on vacation)

The only other time I was in Cozumel was on a cruise ship stop when I was in college.   I don't remember much, other than shopping a bit.    That was my first exposure to Mexico.   Since that time, I've been to Playa del Carmen twice and Tuxtla once - for mission and volunteer trips.  

Today Cozumel is my port of call.    I'm not scheduled to do anything.   And that is freeing.

Today is also Election Day back in the states.   I've already cast my ballot and have been hiding from all the malicious political advertising for about a month.     I'm curious when I will find out the result of the election.   I know it will happen while in "foreign waters."  There is no way I'll make it home without finding out - even though I won't seek it out.  

Will it be on board?   The next port?   Will they post it in the daily newsletter?   Will I catch it when passing a TV in one of the lounges?   

Ohh the mystery!  

My goal is not to stay connected during this trip.   

To relax.   To enjoy.   To be.

The only victory party I'll be attending is the midnight buffet.


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