Sunday, November 4, 2012

Flexibility while Traveling

A friend once told me "Blessed are the flexible because they will never get bent out of shape."

Today our cruise ship is delayed coming in to port.  Epic fog meant the ship couldn't go under the bridge at the appointed time this morning.
Had everything gone according to schedule we'd be listening to the steel drum band during the sail away party right now.

Instead of rushing to wait, I enjoyed a long leisurely brunch...mimosas, oysters, sushi, and bananas foster and great company.  Then a trip to the port and margaritas with friends.

You can get worked up over things you can't control.   Or you can roll with it and smile.

And now I'm in the cruise terminal and the kids are jumping up and  yelling "We can see it!"

I'm jumping on the inside.

Bon Voyage.

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