Saturday, June 16, 2012

Joplin: Less Baggage, More Joy

Throughout the week we've had an evening Chapel service with all the Team Effort work groups in Joplin.  The theme for the week was baggage.  What are we carrying around that hinders our ability to focus on what's really important.   On Monday, the focus was on Materialism.  Tuesday it was Pride.  Wednesday it was Labels.

At Thursday night's Chapel we all went out into the night with our Team Effort staff members.   There was a cross lit by torches.   All of us had an opportunity to pray about the baggage that we carry that we'd like to give up.   Then we wrote it down on a baggage tag and nailed it to the cross.

A fitting end to a wonderful work week.

Friday was our day of play.    This is not my first mission trip (I think it's #12), but it was my first time playing laser tag.  Loved it!   Game one was not my best work, but game two was much improved...even if my player name was Sprinkles and I kept getting tagged by the likes of Chicken Strip and Butterfinger.

Afterwards we spent the afternoon at Shiffendecker Park for swimming, basketball, frisbee, football and sitting in the shade. 
Our last stop of the day was Granny Shaffer's Family Restaurant for a delicious southern style farewell dinner.  After a week of pizza, sandwiches and more Clif Bars than the average American eats in a month, Chicken Fried Chicken as big as your head IS the answer!

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