Monday, June 11, 2012

Joplin: Home Sweet Home

Hello Joplin!  After leaving Denver on Saturday night we rolled through eastern Colorado and Kansas en route to Missouri.   A special shout out to the McDonald's in Topeka -  we dropped in around 7:30 am, fed 50 people in short order and kept on going.   A midday Sonic / Subway stop and then we drove through Joplin to see some of the rebuilding ( Extreme Makeover homes, anyone?) and some of the destruction (a hospital near the new Cunningham Park). 

Our home this week is First Pres in Carthage, MO.  A group from the Chicago suburbs is also staying there with us.   Last night we had time for games in the park and an ice cream run to Braum's before Chapel.  

The Family Worship Center is the home base for all the work groups to eat breakfast and make lunch.  It's controlled chaos. 

What will day 1 bring?   We will find out!

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  1. Becky May Stanton11 June, 2012

    I'll be watching your progress and praying for your work!



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