Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Size 12 Woman in a Size 8 World (of shoes)

You could feel the disappointment this morning at Nordstrom Rack.    It was the semi-annual large size shoe event (10.5 - 13).   Big footed women of south Denver had made the trek first thing in the morning hoping to get their hands, and feet, on some stylin' shoes.   One lady said that she had driven up from Colorado Springs.  We're bunched in the back of the store trying not to trip over each other (we have big feet, that makes it challenging).  Why were we sad?   There were only two racks, top to bottom, of size 12 shoes.

Other than Nordstrom / Nordstrom Rack and Payless (which are the opposite ends of the shoe spectrum) there aren't many options to go shoe shopping in person.   I'm thankful for sites like Zappos and Shoebuy that carry pink tennis shoes, orange gogo boots and other, more practical, shoes for the big footed.   

For the size 12 woman, you don't usually get to make a spontaneous shoe purchase.   You're with your girlfriends and you stop at DSW.   They are trying on all kinds of cute sandals (summer) and sexy boots (winter).  You futilely scan the rows looking for the colored stickers that identify the size 11 or size 12 shoes.   You've almost given up hope.   Then you see it.   One pair in your size.   You grab the box like it's Christmas imagining that you will have a fun new pair to wear out tomorrow.  No dice.   They are orthopedic shoes in a charming shade of oatmeal. 

I managed to escape air of depression in the back of the store.   I made it out with two pairs today.  One pair was so cute that I changed into them right away.    For today I'm going to bask in the glow of my new Steve Madden flats.    And no sympathy for you size 8 ladies.  They probably had 10 racks of shoes in your size.

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