Monday, November 7, 2011

Illinois Weekend: Morton Arboretum & Naperville

Squirrel enjoying a snack
When I was back in Illinois two weeks ago I also spent a day out of the city with a friend.   Our conversation went like this?  Is there something you particularly want to do?  No, but if it's nice, I'd like to be outside.   She did a great job suggesting the Morton Arboretum.  It's fall, there are leaves changing colors, you get a little fitness, and learn about nature.   We just won't mention the giant caramel apples.   The kind that are sliced, put in a boat, covered with warm caramel and then covered with all your favorite nuts and crushed candy bars.   A fantastic fall day all around. 

The arboretum has a current art exhibit called Nature Unframed
The pictures above and below are a part of the exhibit

Many of the trees were still a week or two away from changing colors.
This one was ahead of the curve.
Tapas at Tango in Naperville
Bacon wrapped plantains and scallops...yum!

Finished off by stopping off at Gelati for dessert

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