Monday, October 11, 2010

Whirlwind Mom Visit

I know that I get my love of travel from my mom.   I know that she got it from her mom.   Grandma M was widowed in her early sixties and spent a lot of time in the following years on U of I alumni association trips.  She was in China, the Holy Land, Kenya, Egypt, and Scandinavia.  So it's not surprising that mom decides "I want to visit my daughters," checks our calendars, and books a flight.  She was here for less than 48 hours - but it's all about quality, not quantity.   There was time for wine, sushi, coffee with family friends, lunch at Blue Bonnet, walking in Cheesman Park, ice cream at Liks, exploring the Regis campus, a nap, a movie, church, Sunday school, creating Mom's new travel facebook group, and checking out her pics from Italy, Austria and Germany.  Mom's coming out for Christmas, so it won't be long until we see her again.  Guaranteed, there will be more wine, some chocolate and a lot of discussion about our upcoming trip to Tanzania. 

And just for fun, a random update:
Outside my is kinda sorta drifting towards fall

I am thinking...that going to work at 6a is early.  Fortunately I don't do it often.
I am thankful for...having friends of many religions and backgrounds.  Everyone isn't meant to be the same and being fearful or distrustful of others who aren't just like you seems like a poor way to live life. 
I am remembering...that bacon is not an approved food in my "streamlined" diet.   Come on, it was only one piece.
I am dinner at Fogo de Chao later this week.  Yum!
I am currently reading...the last few pages of a book by Madeline Hunter.
I am hoping...that I can get everything done!
Noticing that...Habitat Global Village has come up twice in the past week.  I got a card from Habitat Guatemala this week and then the wife and daughter of one of our pastors were featured in an article about a dedication of houses with Habitat Nepal
From the kitchen...all the brownies were devoured at youth group thankfully.  Made shrimp and asparagus stir fry tonight.
One of my favorite things...sleeping in.   I was sadly deprived of that this past weekend.
From my camera...Regis Campus 10.9.10

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