Monday, October 4, 2010

Now it's Gelato?

A few weeks ago Haiti came up a couple times in one week.   Last week it was Italy.  Do I think it's random? No.  More likely my cue to get on a plane.   What were the signs?

1.  My cousin is studying abroad in Florence this semester.  Seeing her pictures and reading her stories, I want to be going to Italian cooking classes and being featured in the newspaper.   You can see the article here.
2.  My mom is coming to visit this weekend.  She spent 10 days in Italy this summer and wants my help in creating a photo book.
3. My friend at work has had Italy on the mind for quite a while.  I gave her a guidebook for her birthday and she is feverishly plotting.   Normally I would be impatient that she is considering Spring 2012, but since I have a couple things in mind for 2011, it's probably better for my budget.
4.  And if that wasn't enough, I watched Letters from Juliet over the weekend - and if a romantic comedy and the thought of wine doesn't put you in the mode for Italy, what does?

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