Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Liquid Nitrogen and other Culinary Adventures

On Sunday evening we contemplated going to the Taste of Colorado on Monday afternoon.  We decided not to for two reasons:   1 - we were exhausted from a weekend of camping.  2 - we've been "tasting Colorado" all summer long, trying new restaurants, food trucks, and ice cream parlors.

Last Wednesday I went across the street to Tiri's Garden, the little farmer's market and food cart setup across from the hotel on Wednesday's during the summer.    I was specifically scouting for dessert and discovered this 'hand-crafted' ice cream sandwich.   Chocolate cookies with hot fudge ice cream and marshmallow fluff.   They did not pull it out of an igloo cooler.....they froze it in front of me with liquid nitrogen!   The name of this fantastic Denver food cart?  The Inventing Room.

Other culinary ramblings include:
Lime home of the giant 22 oz margaritas and a tasty treat involving shrimp called a Scorpion.

SmashBurger - I've seen a few here in Denver, but had never been.  Looking online, it's a chain, but worth trying for the first time.  The burger doesn't rank up with my Dad's or the Cherry Cricket, but the smash fries were pretty tasty. 

Over the weekend we went camping.  Last year during our annual Labor Day trip, I created a new campfire treat, the "S'nore" which is a S'more made with a mini Snicker's bar in lieu of a chocolate bar.  No pictures, but just envision starry skies, the smell of a fire, and two toasted and then burned marshmallows on a warmed up Snicker's bar with graham crackers.  Divine.

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