Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting in Fighting Shape

I met with my sister's personal trainer this week and had the shocking realization that I have not been exercising much since the Bike MS.   Instead I have gone on Sunday road trips and eaten at new restaurants and started supporting the Justice League of Street Food.  And these are good things.   But not good things that get me into "fighting" shape for my trip to Aruba and Curacao in 2 months.   Yes, two months from today I will be enjoying a few days under the laziness cloud at the Hyatt Regency Aruba, before heading to Curacao for another week of relaxation.   Not familiar with your Caribbean geography?  
Look just north of Venezuela.

Even though it will be winter-ish here, it will not be in the islands.   I need to dress appropriately.   Hence the need to eat better and work out more.  Hence the need for a trainer to keep us motivated and/or to kick a**.  I went to the gym today and stepped on the scale.  Something has to give.   It may be my fondness for the cupcake truck.   At least in the short term. 

I still had the chance to try some new places this past week.  Our Illini gamewatches have moved to a new location this year, Big Game in LoDo.   This was our third gamewatch there, but the first that I have attended. And we won, which is a plus.   Had a great breakfast burrito, but was sad that I couldn't get the bottomless mimosas.   On the way back, we meandered through Larimer Square and stopped at The Market.  All the good things you would like on a Saturday: coffee, ice cream, sandwiches, and cake are there.   We opted to split an amazing German Chocolate brownie.  See?  Splitting it was a good step.  Even if it was a small one.

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