Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Solution

In general church sign slogans are not nearly as funny as the ones you get forwarded to you in your email.  But sometimes I see ones that make me think, which is probably better all around.  En route to my church, I see this sign "Resolve to be part of the solution." 

There are two sides to this.  One, your own resolutions.  If your "problem" is that you need to lose 10lbs or that you haven't ever been to New York City, you can be part of the solution, setting yourself up to achieve your goal.  Most likely you are the only person standing in your way.   The other side is other people's problems, community and global issues.  You can resolve to care, to get involved, volunteer, etc.  This is the alternative to complaining about it and taking no action. 

In either case, I support being part of the solution.

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