Sunday, January 17, 2010

Becoming Perfect

I'm assuming there is a book genre called "Christian Chick Lit."  Or maybe it's "Inspirational Women's Fiction."  In either case, I just finished a very fun read called Perfecting Kate by Tamara Leigh.  The main character (wait for it) Kate has a gorgeous roomate and one of her best friend's is getting ready to have a baby.  She isn't quite there yet.  And maybe a little jealous.  Throughout the book she goes on a self-improvement quest, with some of the improvements being suggested by others (including her boyfriend at one point calling her "potentially fat" delightful). 
As it's still the season for New Year's Resolutions it makes me wonder how many resolutions are spurred because the person actually wants them (ie "I've always wanted to learn_____" (insert language here) and how many are really a reflection of others in ones life (my best friend loves yoga, so I should too....).    Like millions of other Americans I have goals for the new year.  I assume I am doing them for my own benefit, education, & enjoyment.    Am I trying to become "perfect" for the right reasons?

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