Monday, November 30, 2009

Seeking St. Nicholas

Wednesday morning I leave for Germany.  In July a friend told me she was transferring with her company and my first thought was "maybe I should December...during the Christmas markets."  Almost the same day, another friend currently living in Switzerland sends me a message "Maybe we should all meet up in Dusseldorf.....just dreaming."  Now it's reality.

My mom spent her junior year of college living in Vienna and also loves the German / Austrian Christmas traditions.  Many years growing up we would put out our shoes on the night of December 5 in the hopes that St. Nicholas would leave us some goodies.   For about 4 years straight St. Nick left us ceramic houses to build a Christmas village.   Mom has now set me the challenge to see if I can find any St. Nicholas art or stories that include St. Nick's traveling partner: Krampus.  He's the one who hands out switches to the bad kids.

So this week I'll be on the hunt for Krampus.  Hopefully, I'll also end up with chocolate, Christmas ornaments, gifts, and who knows, on December 5 maybe I'll leave my shoes out again and see what happens.

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