Monday, November 16, 2009

Celebration 2006

My freshman year of high school, we had an interesting English project.   We had a basic premise:  Our entire class was invited to a 10 year school reunion on the Orient Express.   We had to write a letter to one of our classmates detailing the following:  What we were doing, where we were working, our personal life, who of our other classmates we had kept in touch with (and what they were doing), what we wanted to do on the Orient Express and who we thought was paying for our trip.

Incidentally, today, I stepped foot on hallowed ground mentioned in this project from 1992-93:  The Broadmoor Hotel.  In this particular school project, I said that in 2006 I was going to be the Banquet Manager at the Broadmoor.  The property is spectacular.  It's ironic enough that some of the other things I listed in that project, like living in Colorado or having a dog, were true as of 2006.   I think this letter may be in a filing cabinet in my mom's house.   I may have to have her hunt it down.   Predicting as a freshman what might happen as a bonafide "grownup"....who knew?  

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