Thursday, April 23, 2009

Measuring Happiness

In reading a travel article (surprise), there was a reference to Bhutan. Bhutan is somewhat unique in that it measures GNH or Gross National Happiness. I think this is a great thing to measure, no matter how intangible. A lot of things go into being happy, and it's not just money.

In an article on
It was perfectly in keeping with this strict but benign paternalism that the King should proclaim that "gross national happiness is more important than gross national product" because "happiness takes precedence over economic prosperity in our national development process."

What makes a people or a country happy enough that they rank in international surveys and studies? In an article last fall, Denmark was ranked the happiest country in the world. In my estimation, winter could last too long in Denmark and affect happiness.

Out of 97 countries in the survey, the US was 16th. It's a mystery how Puerto Rico can be #2, when it's a US territory....shouldn't we have the same score (or be somewhere in the middle, like #8?).

Something to ponder: What increases your GNH?

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