Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Being a Fan

On Facebook you have the option to become a "fan" of anything you choose. Recently I saw an update that a friend of mine was a fan of God. I was intrigued. How many people on Facebook are a fan of God? As of today 1, 456, 951 people are a fan of God.

What else can you be a fan of and is anything or anyone on FB more popular than God?
538,987 people are fans of Dunkin Donuts
439, 701 people are fans of Daniel Radcliffe (the actor who plays Harry Potter)
40,321 people are fans of Vacation
14, 970 people are fans of Yellowstone National Park
6, 041 people are fans of Vail Mountain

The closest I found through my non-scientific and brief search?

1, 026, 158 people are fans of Bon Jovi.

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