Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Almost Halfway to Hana - The Keanae Peninsula, Maui

Aloha Friends!

I hope you had a fun Thanksgiving with your family and friends.   I'm on week two of my Hawaii staycation.   My mom, aunt and sister all came to escape the cold in Illinois and Colorado.   We spent our time enjoying the island of Maui from one end to the other:  Haleakala, upcountry sights, the road to Hana, whale watching, beach time and all the shave ice we could eat.  

Last Tuesday, more that a  year after moving to Maui, I finally drove the entire road to Hana.   It's considered an iconic drive (I believe my sister found a review that called it the crown jewel of roadtrips....that's pretty high praise) and it was a fun day with my family.     At the end of October, I drove almost halfway to Hana:  to the Keanae Peninsula.    It was a sunny afternoon, and the color of the ocean and the way that the waves crash onto the rocks...well you can see for yourself below.  The natural beauty of Maui never dissapoints.      

And now off to my next adventure, a quick two night trip to Oahu.    Big city, here we come!

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