Thursday, February 27, 2014

Whale Watching, Now with MORE Whales

At the end of December, I went on a whale watch and wrote about how whales are hard to photograph.     Being wild animals and all, they are definitely not interesting in posing.    And it's hard to pose anyway when you have to swim to stay alive.       

February is peak whale season.  The 22nd was the Great Whale Count.  1,311 whales were counted by volunteers all over Maui.     Over the weekend I went out with some friends on a Pacific Whale Foundation whale watching cruise.

Whales everywhere!    

Mom whales.   Calf whales.  Primary escort whales.   Competition pod whales (these are the guys who are fighting with each other and the primary escort to win the girl).   

If you are in Hawaii right now, you should be out on a whale watch.    Unless it's dark.   Then you should be planning yours. 

Or drinking a Mai Tai.   

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