Saturday, February 1, 2014

Iao Valley, Maui

Aloha Everyone!
Tomorrow is the day.    The state of Colorado has been going crazy.   Everything and everyone is #unitedinorange.    I'm now two for two - moving away the year that my home team goes to the Super Bowl.     That other team being the Indianapolis Colts.   I saw a Broncos flag flying proudly when I was running errands today.   But mostly I've been seeing the excitement in my Facebook newsfeed.
Last Saturday I went to Iao Valley State Monument.   It was beautiful, lush and green and to be focused on something that was not the ocean was a change (island life problems, you know).     If you are a Hawaii resident, parking is free (yay me!).      There aren't a lot of hiking trails, but you can wander and explore more than just the stairs up to the view point.     
Just another day in paradise.
(Go Broncos!)

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