Sunday, August 25, 2013

And now? We pull airplanes

Just when you think that you've exhausted all the ways to get teams together to raise money for a cause, a new one comes along.

We do a lot of team events for good causes at work.   In June it was Bike MS.   In July it was Relay for Life.   In September it will be Light the Night.     And this doesn't include the endless array of "fun runs" in the Denver area that are primarily about fun, rather than fundraising, but still benefit a local cause.   Like Color Me Rad, the Color Run, the Electric Run, the Ugly Sweater Run, or the hilarious gem of an event that some of my friends did yesterday, the Tap 'n' Run.  

In early August we were recruited to do something new as a fundraiser.

Pull a plane.

A 757.

Here's our plane!

The concept is pretty simple.   Your team raises at least $1250 for Special Olympics.  You can have up to 25 people on your team and the goal is to see which team can pull the plane 12 feet in the fastest amount of time.    And you get to play out at the airport.

Airport humor on the snow plows
Plane pull in action

When you first start pulling you feel like time is flying by while your airplane is standing still.   And then it starts to move.   That whole science thing "a thing in motion stays in motion"?   It's true.   Once it starts to move you move 12 feet quickly.    Most teams, including ours, were done in under 10 seconds.   

Learn more about the Special Olympics Plane Pull here.  

What's the wackiest fundraising event you've done?

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  1. That's quite a unique fundraising event! I have never heard of pull a plane before :)

    We do a few fundraising events at work too. It's when everyones true competitive colours come out!!!



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