Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I've Never Been: North Carolina

The world is big.   And as much as I like to think that I'm a traveler, I haven't been even close to everywhere (unlike this guy...who is about my age).

Add this to the list of things I have done: 
 Visiting Billie the Pig (Rachel's lesser known cousin)
at the Pike Place Market in Seattle

I recently read The Mailbox by Marybeth Whelan.   The book takes place in North Carolina and highlights the Kindred Spirit Mailbox.

A story about a mailbox?      

Well, it was actually about people.   But the mailbox played a prominent role.    This mailbox is on Bird Island (at the west end of Sunset Beach, North Carolina) and people write letters and journal entries to the Kindred Spirit.    And the unknown spirit picks up the completed notebooks.   Intriguing.  I had no idea that such a mailbox existed.     

The book was enjoyable to read and sharply reminded me that I have not been to North Carolina.

Do you have travel "rules" to determine if you've actually been somewhere?   My rule is that I have to leave the airport to actually say I've been somewhere.   

Driving through?  That's ok.
A cruise ship port of call?  I'll raise my mai tai to that.
But just in the airport?   Not good enough.   Although there are some lovely airports - a little art museum in the Schipol airport, dumplings in Taipei, and then there was that lady in the Bangkok airport who ran up, sat next to me and put her arms around my shoulder while her husband took a photo.    No idea what that was about. 

That's my experience with North Carolina.    I've only been in the Charlotte airport.   Once.   On my way to Puerto Rico.    That's how it goes.   Puerto Rico moved to the "I've been there" column.  North Carolina stayed on the "Someday" side.  

So on the long exhaustive list of places I haven't been yet, NC (and its southerly cousin SC) is there.   Added bonus points if I get to see a famous mailbox!

Where haven't you been, yet?
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