Sunday, May 27, 2012


I had no idea that Delphi was in the mountains and that the drive up, and the views from the village, would be so spectacular.  The views reminded me of living in Lake Tahoe.  There is something in me that loves the mountains - everywhere in the world.   Delphi was already decorated for Easter.   The picture on the bottom left shows the Easter light decorations that were up in the village.   We had heard that Easter was bigger than Christmas in the Greek Orthodox church.   Seeing holiday lights, like we would associate with Christmas here in the States, was magical.   I was so glad that our hotel, the Amalia Delphi, was in walking distance of the village so we could walk and explore and visit the shops.   All the restaurants and bars had big patios or dining rooms that overlooked the view of the water and mountains.   What a great place to end the day!

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