Monday, May 17, 2010

Donde esta Salamá?

Our Habitat trip next month is to Salamá, Guatemala.   So, being the prepared traveler I am, I checked out a guidebook from the library in an attempt to learn more.   Salamá makes it in one paragraph on page 233.  Funny, I know that I'll have more than a paragraph's worth of stories to tell afterwards. 

What I learned from Frommers today:
Salamá is in Baja Verapaz. 
Verapaz means true peace.
Salamá is the provincal capital.
There is a beautiful colonial era church with a 18k gold decorated altar.
There is a temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva.
The area is known for arts and crafts.

I will have to have to find some other sources of information.  This will not suffice.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE IT! So excited that you are doing your "homework" and can be better prepared than your fearless leader.

    Cannot wait to get this trip started!!!!!!!!

    Vamos a VOLAR!



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