Sunday, October 4, 2009

VOLAR strikes back!

Towards the end of summer, I was pondering what the year would bring, specifically in regard to travel (always a pressing concern). VOLAR is the "voice of reason and logic." In Spanish, it's the verb "to fly."
I think I am abandoning listening to reason and instead looking to fly whenever possible. I had been casually talking with a Peruvian friend who was planning to go home to visit family in the spring. Casual conversation became a reality this week. Friend comes into my office and says, "The fares are a little over $500, tomorrow they could be $1000, you really should come, I'm buying my ticket tomorrow and so is another friend of ours."
When I asked my boss about taking vacation in February he said "4 months to you is in the blink of an eye."
Needless to say, in 4 months I will be on my way to Lima.
(more new things this week: my first time eating dim sum in the US at Superstar Asian, yum, playing games on Invesco field, and of course, buying a ticket to South America, which will be continent number 6!)

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