Monday, July 13, 2009

Must Love Food

A lot of the fun in the past week has revolved around food, I'm not going to lie. At work last week we were told there was a "Chocolate Strawberry Waffle Extravaganza" (new #53) on Thursday as a reward for reaching a service goal. Not really sure I knew what that would be, but it did in fact involve chocolate Belgian waffles, sauce, ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries and more! And after that food coma, we had Mexican at Blue Bonnet (#54). Chips and salsa were exactly what I needed.....Friday progressed to a new little bar called Prickly Pete's (#55) and it may have been the first time I went to happy hour at a place and returned there for breakfast the next day. After a restful Saturday afternoon, the gluttony continued with brunch at Le Central (#56) on Sunday morning. And then there was the funnel cake. En route to City Park Jazz (#57) we cut through the Denver Black Arts Festival where, just like any place funnel cakes are sold, the line was ridiculously long. But I did, at long last, persevere and get my treat to better enjoy the concert.

"Let them eat cake" is just the start....

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