Saturday, December 20, 2008

Retail Therapy

I did it. I joined the herds of Coloradans who have not completed their Christmas shopping. Or the minuscule percentage who have, but couldn't resist the early bird / night owl / noon day sparrow sale at their favorite store. I'm not a mall person. It's as close to claustrophobia as I get. I like free-standing stores or "lifestyle" shopping centers that are designed like a main street where you walk outside from store to store (and at this time of the year, you may find carolers in Victorian dress as well). You know, the ones that have ice skating rinks and fire pits.

I usually get emails from my favorite stores with coupons, etc. I learned of a new website Retail Me Not that collects Internet coupons and discount codes for various stores. The message from these new breed of sites is that one should never pay full price. So now you can find discounts from that store where you only shop when looking for specialty engraved toast tongs for Great-Aunt Hilda. You wouldn't want to be on their email or mailing list. The jokes would never end.

The trend for 2009 is : pay less. Who wants to argue with that?

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