Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sticky and Sweet

Last night I had the opportunity to go to Madonna's show here in Denver. Considering she was one of the artists that I grew up listening to, I definitely enjoyed it. What I enjoyed even more was that our original seats were up in the rafters with a limited view of the stage and some of the Pepsi Center reps came up and gave everyone in our section new tickets. We moved down to seats 4 rows up from the floor with a fantastic view of the stage. She puts on quite the production with dancers, video, moving stages and more. I didn't bring my camera, thinking that I'd be too far away, and a lot of times security is after you if they see you using it. Not last night. Every other person had their camera or their cell phone up taking pictures and video, so I've taken advantage of their footage on YouTube. Prior to the concert, my friend asked what song I most wanted to hear and I said "Like a Prayer." My friend's favorite was La Isla Bonita (which, surprisingly, she sang as well).

The people watching was also entertaining, a good thing since the show started 90 minutes after the 8:00pm ticket time. There was some crazy 80s fashion going on in parts of the arena as well as some men's fashion that you don't see many other places (at least in my circles....). For a woman who is 50 years old, she has a lot of energy and was dancing, and even jump roping, the entire 2 hour show!

The videos are a glimpse of "Like a Prayer" as well as a video montage I really liked with the theme of "Your Life, Your Choice."

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