Thursday, October 16, 2008

Political Immunity

Having a cell phone as your only phone is a beautiful thing. No one calling to sell you siding. The people and companies that have your number are those you've given it to. For the most part cell phones are exempt from telemarketers. Except during the political season. Political calls are not covered under the umbrella of "telemarketers" according to the FTC. So today when I checked my voicemail I had 3 calls from 3 different area codes. Call 1: About Amendment 48 (impact on a woman's right to choose). Call 2: Letting me know all the bad things that Bob Schaffer is doing and why I should vote for Mark Udall. Call 3: So garbled that whoever paid for the message wasted their money.

On Sunday afternoon I got a call, from a real person no less, wanting me to take a survey. Am I registered to vote? Yes. Can the Obama/Biden ticket count on my vote? I haven't made my decision yet (at least not to some person giving me a survey). Are you aware of Amendment 47 and the impact it has on firefighters? Are you planning to vote no on 47? Sorry...I'm going to vote yes on 47 since it would make Colorado a Right to Work state. Thank you for your time, this survey was sponsored by ______ (labor organization) and not by any political party.

Minor political pet peeve #2: Getting mailings to support Colorado candidates or initiatives from organizations / addresses outside of Colorado. Really, the ABC building company in North Carolina is concerned about my vote? I wonder why?

Can't wait until November 5!

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