Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sign Spotting: San Diego

The signs of San Diego have been catching my attention since I moved here.

Sometimes it's a neighborhood sign.   
Sometimes it's a restaurant sign.   
Sometimes it's sweet. 
Sometimes it's snarky.    

And sometimes it's a warning that I should stay far away from snakes.

Neighborhood Signs

Inspirational and Entertaining Signs

Spotted:  Little Italy

Spotted:  Little Italy Farmers Market

Spotted:  South Park 

Spotted:  Liberty Station, Point Loma

Rattlesnake Signs
Definitely NOT a sign I came across in Hawaii

Aircraft Carrier Signs
USS Midway 

Only in San Diego Signs

Need your picture with this sign?   It's in North Park. 

Amusements by the beach - that's SanD style right there

I've lived in San Diego just under 14 months.    There is so much exploring to do!   If you have recommendations of what to see, do or restaurants to enjoy, put 'em out there for me.  

If you have a favorite San Diego sign,  share on Facebook or tag @travelerforgood on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, if you follow there, you'll see more SanD signs.  


  1. I want to believe the San Diego Circus Center has a good sign, but I could not find any evidence other than it catching my eye while we were driving around. I also want to erase the extra 'r' in creme; but I don't yet have my grammar cape. :)

    1. So true about the extra R - can't believe I didn't notice that before!



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