Sunday, November 3, 2013

November: 30 Days of Gratitude

I've been seeing friends posting daily about what they are thankful for.   It's a good exercise.   Some days your cup is over-flowing and it's easy.  Other days when your cup is at that half-empty day old coffee stage, it really is an exercise in thinking long and hard about what's good and what you have.

I will endeavor to keep my list updated here over the course of November.    Feel free to share something you're thankful for in the comments or over on the Traveler for Good facebook page.

November 29
Black Friday has never been my thing.   I'm already frustrated with it creeping into Thursday.   Working the hospitality industry, I've worked my fair share of holidays, and I know how it feels to be at work when everyone else is celebrating.   Today I kept it chill and went shopping locally for some Hawaiian gifts for my family.   No lines.   No drama.

November 28
Holidays when you move someplace new can be lonely.   So happy to be adopted for Thanksgiving for a big dinner with others whose families are far away.   Delicious food and awesome people.   And just when it couldn't get any better - we had hours of karaoke afterwards!

November 27
Service to others!  I'm glad my parents led by example when it came to volunteering.   We served Thanksgiving dinner to families in need on Wednesday.   And made turkey hats with the keiki (children).

November 26
I'm learning a lot at work from others - I'm thankful that I also have knowledge that I can contribute to develop others.

November 25
My car!   It was picked up on 10/29 in Denver, CO and today I got to pick it up at the port in Kahului.   I am back to being mobile whenever, wherever.   And I can't be too made at gas being $4.15/gallon when I live on a small island.   Where can I run up the mileage?

November 24
Beachside worship in the morning and mimosas in the afternoon.   Check out the most awesome baby shower game prize EVER!

Ever.  Right?

November 23
Woo!  My sister got through her surgery and that pesky GB (aka gall bladder) is gone.

November 22
Just like watching football with friends makes life seem more normal, recent invites to things like baby showers and cookie exchanges makes a difference.   But still sad to miss Friendsgiving in Denver tomorrow. 

November 21
Approved and signed my lease!  Grateful for a place to live nearby - 10 minute commute, here I come!

November 20
I'm thankful for technology that allows me to continue to check out e-books from my library in Colorado from 3300 miles away.   That luggage space had to be saved for shoes, you know. 

November 19
Being in good health to work out....even if I don't want to.   And the gym has a view of the ocean.

November 18
Trying more delicious menu items at Japengo.

November 17
Watching the Broncos win with a  view of the ocean!

November 16
Meeting a nice family that may be my future landlords - and walking along the boardwalk - and stopping at a pie shop.   Yes.   I am thankful for pie shops.   And for drinks with some visitors from Denver (who both used to live in Hawaii so know all about the things that I'm just discovering). 

November 15
Going out for coffee with a co-worker - that's how I know I've settled in a little bit. 

November 14
Thankful for a (short term) lack of responsibilities that allow me to go to bed early...but I feel better knowing the rest of Maui does it too.

(side note - I have gotten behind!)

November 13
So grateful to work someplace that fosters and encourages creativity.  

November 12
Sitting out on a patio, enjoying a little happy hour, and having the musician segue from Bob Marley to Katy Perry...complete with falsetto.

November 11
Thankful for all who have served our country and those who continue to do so.   My dad is my favorite veteran!

November 10
Holiday decorations that look a little different.
November 9
Thankful for finding a lead on a possible place to live - the housing market here is definitely a challenge.  Hiding from the rain at the Bad Ass Coffee Company.  I also got a Safeway card - someday I'll have an apartment and a kitchen and can buy groceries again.
November 8
Sushi chefs who feed you based on what you like.   And who let you try clam foot, just because.    And for a complete stranger sitting next to me who wanted someone to join her in a sake shot with a quail egg and I was the lucky recipient.  
November 7
Spending three days training with fun people.   Going out for pizza and drinks with friends/colleagues is fun - wherever in the world it is.   (though large pizzas are significantly more expensive here in Maui)

November 6
Spending the day with the specific goal of "awesomizing" something.  Ahi poke tacos.

November 5
Tiny smore's.  And attending training in a room that has a view of the ocean.

November 4
Maui Gold Pineapple - so delicious
Also, a "first day of work" lei given to me by my co-workers!

November 3
I haven't even set foot out of my hotel room yet, but already I'm thankful that my new boss stayed up late to pick me up at the airport and make me feel welcome.   

November 2
I spent more time than I cared to in the Phoenix airport.   Friends sympathized and offered suggestions of what to do.   Courtesy of Facebook, I found out that friends from church were also at  the airport, so there was time for a fly-by hugging.    In a shallower sense,  a lot of people on the rest of my flight were bummed because they lost out on a day of their Hawaiian vacation.   Since my adventure has no set end-time.   It was easier for me to be relaxed and nice to the airline staff (I think they got chewed out by LOTS of people...some using choice words that shouldn't be used).  The ability to travel at all is at the top of my gratitude list.   Every day of my  life.

November 1 
I am so thankful for the community of friends that I had in Denver for the past 8 years.   Even though I felt like I  spent a lot of time crying and saying good-bye, a friend reminded me that it was a good sign.   If saying goodbye and moving isn't hard, then something is wrong.    I got to spend time with my friends in HR goofing off at the History Colorado Center and then at Punch Bowl Social.   A drive by  hugging by my friend Becky, who just arrived in Colorado for some of her missionary training was an added bonus and could have been a Hallmark commercial for the way we were crying, hugging and carrying on. 

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